Expand your horizons in our group classes or enjoy the restoring and rejuvenating effects of individual treatments. Let us help you to create your own custom tailored Thoughtless Retreat with your choice of Treats.

G R O U P  E X P E R I E N C E S

Y O G A  - 1 hour
Being flexible is often more a state of mind than a physical state of being and we hope to help you find that balance in your life. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student we’ll be happy to support you in your practice. Our Vinyasa yoga classes are a gentle flow of asanas with the focus on alignment and breathwork. Join us in summer on our beautiful 1200sf outdoor deck overlooking the pond for our community sunset class every Tuesday at 6pm or our sunrise class every Thursday morning at 6am. Community classes are on a drop-in basis, no reservation required and offered on a sliding scale from $7-15. Individual classes are on your timeline and are custom tailored to your needs.
Costs: $25/pp including all yoga equipment

S O U N D H E A L I N G   M E D I T A T I O N - 1 hour
Journey into deep relaxation with the sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls. Sound is the most powerful tool to access your subconscious mind restoring harmony on a cellular level. Experience in a group the healing  therapeutic vibrations that will leave you rejuvenated, blissful and carry you through your stay with a deeper connection to yourself and each other. Offered by a certified sound therapy practitioner this session provides a shortcut to meditation and a thoughtless state that allows you to clear some space from deep within.
Costs: $25/pp including all equipment

R E S T O R A T I V E   Y O G A   W I T H  M A S S A G E - 1.5 hours
Settle into you new space space and allow the comfortable pace of restorative yoga to open a doorway to a deeper understanding of your body, drawing your attention inwards away from external events and situations. Release all thoughts in supported restorative poses on props, explore your energy centers and discover breathing techniques to stop the fluctuation of your mind. A scalp and shoulder massage will trigger vital points in your body and connect you in a bonding experience to your true self and each other.
Costs: $30/pp including all yoga equipment

T H E   W E L C O M E   Y O G A    P A C K A G E  -  3 hours
After a long travelling day wind down with a restorative yoga class on comfortable props and relax with a head and shoulder massage reviving vital energy points in your body helping you to settle down into your new space. Then start the new day with sun salutations in the morning and unite with your group of friends and family in an invigorating Vinyasa Yoga flow of yogic spiritual traditions, alignment, music and meditation.
Costs: $60pp including all yoga equipment

Y O G A   E Q U I P M E N T
You're welcome to bring your own yoga equipment or rent a set from us for your entire stay, which includes a Manduka ProLite mat, blanket, bolster, block, yoga straps and silk eye pillow. 
Costs: $10/set

C E R A M I C S - 2 hours
Find your inner balance in a grounding ceramic workshop by learning to center yourself through the element of Earth. Experience the healing energy of working with clay and shape your artistic aspirations under the expert guidance of ceramic artist Jean Louis Frenk. Create a lasting favor by firing your memories into a a sculpture or bowl, which will always remind you of a special time and your experience at Windrift Hall.
Costs: $40/pp • Glazing firing TBD

P R O D U C T  M A K I N G - 2 hours
Learn to create your individual cleansing mask, exfoliator, toner, facial cream, body lotion, room spray or scented candle, using all natural ingredients. Create a signature scent for your event using aromatherapy to help you find the perfect balance, so you and your guests can take home your very own custom blend of tailored products, bottling up the fun and love, which went into making it. For more information about our unique Ayurvedic skincare line, please refer to the Curated Space.
Costs: $60/pp for creating 2 products of your choice

T H E   I N N E R   G L O W   P A C K A G E  -  3 hours
Kickstart your day with an invigorating yoga class, bond with your family and friends in a restorative meditation and sound bath gathering all the love and positive energy into one unifying experience. Refresh your mind and body with an energy boosting smoothie and learn in a fun beauty product making workshop how to create a cooling mist and nourishing facial cream from all natural ingredients, which lets you shine from inside out and creates a signature scent for your group. For more information about our unique Ayurvedic skincare line, please refer to the Curated Space.
Costs: $70pp, all equipment and products included.

A   T H O U G H T L E S S   J O U R N E Y  -  6 hours
Experience complete relaxation and rejuvenation over the course of a day, starting your morning with an invigorating yoga class, de-stress with classic deep tissue bodywork or indulge in a therapeutic massage, relieving your muscle tension and improving your circulation. In a workshop learn the benefits of living in harmony with nature according to the Ayurvedic principles and let go of all thoughts in a supported restorative yoga class, relax your mind with a sound bath and Tibetan Singing Bowls and bond over body and mind expanding experiences. Catering can be arranged.
Costs: $250/pp or $2300 for a group

P E R S O N A L  C H E F  S E R V I C E S

Whether you're planning an intimate dinner for your family and friends, a yoga retreat or wedding we'd be happy to connect you to a personal chef, who will bring fresh farm-to-table delights to your table at Windrift Hall and will be the culinary link to the local bounty and beauty of the Hudson Valley. 
Costs: TBD based on number of guests and requirements

C L E A N I N G  S E R V I C E S
Enjoy your stay and let us help you start every day with a clean slate. Please inquire about individualized cleaning services based on your needs.
Costs: $35h with a minimum of 3h

Please note all group experiences require a minimum of 5 guests. 
All prices include travel of the practitioner to your onsite appointment, but not gratuity.

O N E - O N- O N E   E X P E R I E N C E S

Instantly refine, smooth, purify and boost your complexion with a tailored facial, featuring all natural products and a bespoke facial massage. Helping your skin look and feel at its best, so your true inner beauty will be able to shine through.
Costs: $110 for 60min

B O D Y W O R K  &  M A S S A G E S
Stretch and soothe your body with a restorative Thai Treatment or indulge into a traditional Deep Tissue or Swedish massage to relax and restore bliss. All our therapists are certified in a wide variety of treatments, so we can craft your massage specifically to your needs.
Costs: $120 for 60min | $150/person for 90min

One on One yoga lessons give you the individualized attention needed to master your own personal practice, perfecting your alignment at your own pace.
Costs: $110 for 60min

Take your Ceramics 101 to a 102 and higher level with an individualized ceramic class based on your expertise and interest of learning. Experience the healing energy of working with clay and shape your artistic aspirations under the expert guidance of ceramic artist Jean Louis Frenk.
Costs: $120 for 90min • Glazing and Firing TBD

M A K E  U P   &   H A I R
Enhance your inner and outer beauty with a customized makeup session with a professional makeup artist,
so when all eyes are on you, you feel confident and radiant from inside out. All our artists are recognized as leading creatives in the beauty industry. Whether it’s wedding day glam, camera ready confidence or picture perfect perfection, they always deliver a flawless complexion and a fabulous experience. In addition we offer a holistic approach to your skincare with a guided beauty regimen for the months leading up to your special day, which also includes a trial make up. 
Costs:  Make Up Bride $130 | Hair Bride  $120 | Make up Bridesmaids $110 | Hair Bridesmaids $100  | Guided Beauty Regimen and Trial $150/2h

Group Treats
One on One Treats