Why thoughtless when everybody else talks about being mindful?

What if being mind-full is actually the problem? Being in thought means you remove yourself from the present, into the past or the future. You’re either thinking about what has happened or worrying about what might happen. To live in the moment means you’re aware of your thinking and letting it flow through you rather than attaching to it. Only then you can find what you’re looking for - peace of mind, clarity, healing and fresh, creative thinking. All of your experiences this weekend will help you to create your own Thoughtless Space - based on Ayurvedic principles within the company of like-minded souls on the same quest.

What is a curated experience”?

We put a lot of thought into your Thoughtless Retreats, carefully selecting a location to make sure it provides a peaceful and nurturing environment in a beautiful setting and insuring that every detail of your weekend meets with our high standards of quality and service.  Our intention is to choreograph your day so that all of your senses can delight in new experiences and collaborating with the most respected creatives in their fields.

Who is this for?

The creative and curious who are craving some time and space to slow down, drop everyday thinking, and uncover some new ideas. Open-minded, kind, dynamic individuals who need a break or are ready to get unstuck.