Thoughtless Spaces are curated experiences allowing you to drop your thinking mind.
It’s inspired by a simple idea. Bring a group of amazing and creative people from all walks of life together to expand horizons in a mind blowing location. Like appetizers in a restaurant you'll be able to get a taste of various ways to stop the fluctuation of the mind and connect to your true self.

Every experience is different, a personalized “no-brainer” with different collaborators opening up their toolboxes to help you create space for fresh thinking. Thoughtless treats range from yoga, meditation, coaching, reiki, massages, pranayama, sound healing, aromatherapy and tapping into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for mind shifting healing and conversations.

See what happens when you think less and be more.

Release everyday worries and relax mind chatter.

Uncover fresh thinking, creative thoughts and solutions to stuck spots.

Break free of ingrained routines.

Encounter new spaces, faces, food and sensations.

Photos by Erica Deitch


Your Hosts

Thoughtless Spaces was founded by Susanne and Allegra, who share a passion of bringing people together to curate, collaborate and create experiences to help connect to your inner wisdom.
All Thoughtless Experiences are hosted by either one or both of them. For past or upcoming events please refer to our Events page.

Susanne Frenk

The moment Susanne stepped onto a yoga mat she knew she found a way of opening up her body and quieting her mind. Working for most of her life in a fast paced creative advertising environment she realized the importance of being in charge and being able to let go, knowing when to engage and how to release. Yoga became a perfect antidote to the pressure of a corporate world and allowed her to stay focused on what matters. Being flexible is often more a state of mind than a physical state of being and she hopes to help others to find that balance in their lives.  Susanne is a certified Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga teacher and completed her 200h Teacher Training at Yogamaya in NY. Living in harmony with the laws of nature is a life long learning experience and passion of hers. She recently received her certificate in horticulture from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and is currently enrolled in the Ayurveda Holistic Nutrition Certification Program at Ayurveda’s World. She teaches yoga in Brooklyn and Upstate NY and if she's not in downward facing dog, she might face a computer or spend real face time with her husband and 2 kids. 



Susanne and Allegra

Susanne and Allegra


Allegra Stein

A master Life Coach in New York’s Hudson Valley, Allegra is committed to showing people that all of the wisdom, creativity, confidence, motivation, and well-being they’re looking for is already within them and that it’s only our everyday thought-chatter that gets in the way.

From that centered place she loves to support her clients in uncovering bold ideas and taking action towards those things they most want to create.

Her clients include entrepreneurs, business owners, designers, adventurers, mothers, and creative women on the cusp of powerful growth and change. Allegra creates the space for these shifts to happen, whether during a 15 minute conversation or a weekend retreat.