Photos by Rachel Girouard and Eva Deitch


Thoughtless Spaces are curated experiences allowing you to drop your thinking mind and create space for fresh thinking and a new way to approach life. It’s inspired by a simple idea. Bring a group of amazing and creative people together to collaborate in a mind blowing location, away from usual routines and old habits, to cross roads, change paths and expand horizons. Every event is different, a personalized “no-brainer” with different collaborators opening up their toolboxes to help you create a Thoughtless Space of your own. Bringing different healing, beauty and learning experiences together under one roof on one day or one weekend. All licensed practitioners, health and personal coaches, beauty and nutrition experts, artists and creatives work in the forefront of their field, please refer to their area of expertise on the bottom of this page. Thoughtless Treats range from yoga and meditation, beauty, make-up and personal coaching, reiki, massages, facials, aroma therapy and sound healing to workshops teaching ceramics, product making and nutrition. 

We're truly grateful for all the connections we made and so happy we can share our experiences with like minded souls. We'd love to create a Thoughtless Retreat specifically for your group of friends, family or co-workers custom tailored to your needs and desires, either in Windrift Hall a beautiful historic mansion surrounded by nature in the Hudson Valley or any location of your choice. Make the most of your time together by embarking on an inner journey. Let us help you clear some space at a private event, expanding your horizons in one of our retreats or workshops and enjoying the restoring and rejuvenating effects of individual treatments. Taking your mind off your to do list and allowing you to just be.


KATIE ROSENTHAL began her studies of Herbal Medicine, Yoga, Ayurveda, Energy Healing and Touch Therapy because of her belief that the body-mind-spirit has the capacity to heal itself. She is honored and delighted to be part of this beautiful project, Thoughtless Spaces. Katie was trained in Prana Yoga by Dr Jeff Migdow and Priti Robyn Ross, and in Vinyasa Yoga by Ella Luckett; in Ayurveda by Dr Naina Marballi, BAMS; and in Reiki (Levels I & II) by Darcy Skye Holoweski. She is currently a student of Massage Therapy at the Cortiva Institute in Hoboken, NJ.

SUSANNE FRENK worked most of her life in a fast paced creative advertising environment and realized through the practice of yoga the importance of being in charge and being able to let go. Yoga became a perfect antidote to the pressure of a corporate world. Being flexible is often more a state of mind than a physical state of being and she hopes to help others to find that balance in their lives. Susanne is a certified Hatha/Vinayasa Yoga Teacher, Horticulturist, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Sound Healer. Living in harmony with the laws of nature inspired her to found Thoughtless Spaces.

LAURA SILVERMAN is the Founding Naturalist of The Outside Institute. The desire to share her passion for the natural world inspired this venture, which helps people connect to the healing and transformative powers of nature through guided hikes, mindful walks and plant-based workshops. Also a writer, chef and mixologist, Laura infuses her knowledge of local flora, fauna and fungi into everything she creates, from botanical cocktails to herbal tinctures to wild foods feasts.

MARY CHAN began her journey of health and healing when she stepped foot in her first yoga class in 1994. She received her Yoga Teacher Certifications from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center  and Jivamukti Yoga Center in the late 90’s. Deeply rooted in the vinyasa tradition, Mary has been practicing and teaching yoga to students from all walks of life for the last 20 years. As a wife and mother, Mary discovered the joy of cooking and nourishing her family with nutritious foods. She studied at Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became certified as a Holistic Health Coach. Having experienced how food can be used as a catalyst for transformation, she is deeply committed to empowering her clients to improve their health and heal through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Her passion is to make home-cooking healthy, delicious and accessible to all.  She offers one-on-one counseling, group cleanse programs, corporate seminars and cooking workshops.

ALLEGRA STEIN is a master Life Coach in New York’s Hudson Valley, Allegra is committed to showing people that all of the wisdom, creativity, confidence, motivation, and well-being they’re looking for is already within them and that it’s only our everyday thought-chatter that gets in the way. From that centered place she loves to support her clients in uncovering bold ideas and taking action towards those things they most want to create. Her clients include entrepreneurs, business owners, designers, adventurers, mothers, and creative women on the cusp of powerful growth and change. Allegra creates the space for these shifts to happen, whether during a 15 minute conversation or a weekend retreat.

GINA BROOKE is recognized as one of the leading creative talents in the beauty industry today. As an internationally acclaimed makeup artist and beauty expert, she is the force behind some of the most memorable editorial, media and red-carpet moments, and the development of numerous award-winning beauty products. Gina may be regarded as one of the beauty industry’s greatest artists, but as her influence grows, she is focusing even more on collaborating with a number of brands in the beauty arena, bringing awareness and her creative vision to companies ranging from international conglomerates to small niche brands. Gina has also been vocal in her belief that beautiful makeup begins with beautiful skin and an Oxygen Facial prior to applying makeup has become a signature part of her process with each of her clients.

ANNE-SOPHIE DEVOUASSOUX grew up in a small mountain village in the French Alps, Anne-Sophie has always been curious about what nature has to offer. Growing up with an appreciation for nature and its rythmic cycles, she learned how herbs and flowers, from the countryside or in her family garden, could be used to cook and heal. After years of developing a sense of communion and respect for, and with her body, she moved from Chamonix to  New York. She's humbled to offer compassionate, vibrant and personalized Holistic Living Ayurveda consultations, that are steeped in the precious Ayurvedic heritage that she uses with pride and respect. After many years of experiencing the power of Holistic living throughout traveling, yoga, meditation, cooking and teaching, she's thrilled to share with you the secrets to living your life in a calmer, more connected way thanks to the ancient cellular wisdom within Ayurveda.

JAZELL ANDUJAR began her study of yoga in 2002 after the recommendation of her Ayurvedic doctor in order to transform her internal fire into health enhancing Prana. During the years of her journey, she obtained multiple Ayurveda and yoga certifications. Her studies has cultivated her into an instructor that combines the sister sciences of yoga and Ayurveda, whose primary philosophy holds that there is no one-size-fits-all practice. She has studied with various different advance yogis but is most influenced by the authentic yoga lineages of Sivananda, Iyengar and Dr. Vasant Lad. As a yogini her primary goal is to practice pranayama, asana and meditation daily in order to maintain her mind-body-spirit connection, and continuously cultivate inspiration to support her students on their path to deep inner awareness. Her educational background includes a bachelor’s of science in health and wellness, and certifications as an Ayurvedic nutritional practitioner, holistic lifestyle coach, and Ayurvedic Chakra healer. She has a passion for healing, a deep love for nature, vegetarian cooking, wild crafted herbal medicine, color therapy, and bhakti yoga.

JEAN LOUIS FRENK is a trained potter and multi media artist from Switzerland. His work spans several decades of multifaceted integrated art forms, exploring boundaries between art disciplines, always looking for new forms of expression. He has been teaching art and ceramics in colleges, private schools and his own studio. His spiritual approach to ceramics is expressed in his work and he's happy to connect his students through the medium of clay with the elements of earth, fire, air, space and water.

AGNI ZOTIS is a multi-media artist, lover of life and giving spirit. As a pranayama and meditation teacher she's passionate about providing tools to develop empowerment, self awareness and love through practices engaging the breath, body and mind. As a certified yoga teacher with a Bachelor of Fine Arts she merges the Art of Living with Living through the Arts. To help empower youth through mindfulness, art and yoga, she created MAY Kids Transform in 2013, and the program has become integrated into the public school system.

ALICE VELKY is a NY State Licensed Massage Therapist, Palliative Care Specialist, Reiki Master, Yoga teacher, Gardener, Forager and Herbal Concoctor. Her specialty is integrative bodywork and energy balancing for end-of-life care and management of chronic pain & illness. She has over 30 years experience as a yogi, bodyworker, and healing practitioner. Alice's skill set includes a unique blend of mind/body techniques: Reiki, Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral, Aroma- & Flower Essence Therapy; Classical, Therapeutic & Restorative Yoga. Her healing sessions are individually designed to facilitate an optimal state of balanced well-being.

HARISH BHARADHWAJ was initiated and guided into pranayama and Vaasi yoga by Siddha Mohan Kumar, a spiritual guide, astrologer and Vasi yoga master from Tamil Nadu, India. Harish also studied advanced meditation and Vaasi yoga techniques using breath and herbs under Siddha Jyoti Swami (desciple of Velliangiri Siddha) from Velliangiri Hills, Tamil Nadu. Prior to moving from New York, Harish taught pranayama at Ananda Ashram (Yoga Society of New York). He is currently working on his book "The Secrets, Science & Techniques of Pranayama".

JENNY ARCHER graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute in Manhattan as a certified health-supportive chef. She focuses on Ayurvedic philosophies in her cooking with natural, whole and locally sourced ingredients. Jenny believes one does not need to compromise taste in healthy cooking. Prior to moving from New York, Jenny managed the kitchen at Ananda Ashram (Yoga Society of New York). Jenny received her yoga teacher certification in Hatha Yoga with Tantric Vinyasa from Satya Loka School in India.

EMMET MOELLER was born and raised in Central New York State and grew up surrounded by farmland, cows, and apple orchards. After moving to NYC Emmet continued to prioritize local, seasonal vegetables and sustainably raised animal proteins. A graduate of Natural Gourmet Institute of Health & Culinary Arts‘ Chef’s Training Program with a strong foundation in health-supportive, plant-based cooking Emmet's food emphasizes whole grains, cleansing and anti-oxidant-rich vegetables. Well-versed in vegan, vegetarian and omnivore meal preparation, extremely comfortable with macrobiotics, and able to cook for people with a wide range of dietary restrictions (including gluten-free, candida, low-FODMAP, SCD, paleo, Whole30 and more). Emmet believes that food plays a substantial role in our own wellness and is excited to work with clients to develop menus that support their own healing. Committed to sourcing organic, local products whenever possible, with an eye on environmental sustainability, humane animal treatment and responsible labor practices Emmet is excited about the ways that good food brings people together and honored to be able to participate in that process